ScanQLi - Simple SQL Injection Scanner To Detect SQL Vulns

ScanQLi simple scanner to detect sql injection

Okay friends, this time I will provide a tutorial on how to install ScanQLi tools.

What is ScanQLi? This tool, which is made in the Python programming language, is useful for scanning simple…

Easy Tips for Finding Admin Login Manually

How to find admin login manually

So first, when I was exploiting a website with manual poc sql inspection, I also experienced some difficulties, for example in finding an admin login page on the website.
In the sql injection technique itself, in my opinion…

Base64 Encode And Decode SQL Injection Tutorial - Android

Base64 Encode sql injection using Android phone

Through this article, I will share about the base64 SQL Injection tutorial. If we know this technique is actually easy, like ordinary manual SQL Injection and we only need patience in target execution.


How to Bypass Sql Injection 403 Forbidden

Sql injection 403 forbidden Bypassing

While there is a target, in this post I want to explain a tutorial on how to Bypass Sql Injection 403 Forbidden.

Okay, let's go straight, here I already have a target and here is my target,

How to Install viSQL Scan Vulnerability on Termux

Easy way to install viSQL vulnerability on termux

Okay, on this occasion I want to share the Install viSQL Scan Vulnerability tutorial on Termux.

What is viSQL? viSQL is a tool for exploiting which is vulnerable to a website test or it…

Various Bypass WAF - SQL Injection

Ways to bypass waf via SQL injection

In this post, I want to share an article about Maca-kinds of Bypass WAF on an Sql Injection.

In the world of injectors we are familiar with the term WAF. What is WAF?
WAF stands for (Web Application…

5 Tips For Beginner Bloggers To Find Targeted Visitors

How to find targeted visitors for beginner bloggers

When you are just starting out as a blogger, you have so many questions, one of which is how to find and determine the type of person you are targeting on your blog.

Tips for choosing keywords to be right on target

Right target to choose when keywords…via SEO

Explore Tips for Choosing Keywords To Be Right On Target!

As we have understood, keywords are one of the important things in SEO. So, it should be for us to choose the right keywords…

Things to Look for in Creating a Blog with Adsense Criteria!

Tips for creating blog with Google AdSense

Who doesn’t know the world of blogger ? Surely you have visited other people’s blogs. Or it could be for those who like to write or just for uploading tasks required to…


Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in conjuring up new ways to hijack your system by exploiting technical vulnerabilities or human nature.

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